62 - One More Day

Words by Traditional
Tune by Traditional

Another shanty that usually needs some judicious verse-trimming.

Have you heard the news, my Johnny
One more day!
We’re homeward bound tomorrow
Only one more day!

Don’t you hear the old man growlin’
Don’t you hear the mate a howlin’

Don’t you hear the old man callin’
Don’t you hear the pilot bawlin’

Only one more day a-howlin’
Can’t you hear the gals a-callin’

Only one more day a-rollin’
Can’t you hear the gulls a-callin’

Only one more day a-furlin’
Only one more day a-cursin’

Heave and sight the anchor, Johnny
For we’re close 'board the port, Johnny

Put on your long-tail blue, Johnny
For your payday’s nearly due.

We’re homeward bound today, Johnny
We’ll leave her without sorrow, Johnny

Pack your bags today, my Johnny
O, an’ leave her where she lies, Johnny

No more gales or heavy weather
Only one more day together

Only one more day, my Johnny,
O, rock and roll me over.