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Songs by First Line

'Tis of a lusty female, and you must understand - Handsome Cabin Boy


'Twas on the Longstone Lighthouse there dwelt an English maid - Grace Darling


A drop of Nelson's blood wouldn't do us any harm - Roll The Old Chariot Along (Nelson's Blood)


A sailor’s life, it is a merry life - A Sailor's Life is a merry life


Adieu, sweet lovely Nancy, ten thousand times adieu - Adieu, sweet lovely Nancy


Aft on the Poopdeck - Strike The Bell


As I was a-walking one morning in June - Lady Leroy


As I went walkin' down London Road, I come to Paddy West's house - Paddy West


As my mother’s only daughter - Wayward Wife


As we were a fishing off Happisburgh Light - Windy Old Weather


Ben Backstay was a boatswain - Ben Backstay


Cape Cod girls ain't got no combs - Cape Cod Girls


Come all you true lovers attend for a while to a tale I am going to unfold! - Flora and James


Come all you young fellows that follow the sea - Blow The Man Down


Come listen awhile and you soon shall hear - Female Smuggler


Come, all ye good people, and listen to my song - Female Sailor Bold


Dark clouds are on the summer sky - Row on, row on


Did you ever see the wild goose sailing on the ocean - Wild Goose Shanty


Don't mind the rain or the rolling sea - Grey Funnel Line


Essequibo River is the king of rivers all - Essequibo River


Farewell and adieu to you Spanish ladies - Spanish Ladies


Farewell to you my own true love - Leaving of Liverpool


From Boston harbour we set sail - Boston Harbour


From Liverpool to Frisco a-roving I went - Row, bullies, row (Liverpool judies)


General Taylor's dead and gone - General Taylor


Have you heard the news, my Johnny - One More Day


I am a man upon the land - Fragile Water


I dreamed a dream the other night - Lowlands


I grew up as a girl in the fields of Kent - Salt Liberty - The Ballad of Mary Lacy


I once met a lass so fine - Pirate Chantey (Key and Peele)


I thought I heard our captain say - Pay Me My Money Down


I thought I heard the old man say - John the Slacker, Slacker


I thought I heard the Old Man say - Leave her Johnny


I used to be a farmer, and I made a living fine - The Last Bristolian Pirate


I wish I was a cabin boy, aboard a Man O’War - Sam's Gone Away


I'll sing you a song, it's a song of the sea - Row me bully boys row


If I had the wings of a gull my boy - The Weary Whaling Grounds


In Dublin’s fair city - Molly Malone (cockless with muscles)


In eighteen hundred and forty-six - Greenland Whale Fishery


In Frisco Bay there were three ships - Noah's Ark Shanty


In midnight sleep, the sailor boy lay - The Mariner's Dream


In South Australia I was born - South Australia


In the Black Ball line I served my time - Black Ball Line


It was a Friday morn when we set sail - Mermaid


It was early, early all in a spring - Early, early in the spring / The single sailor


It was pleasant and delightful on a midsummer’s morn - Pleasant and Delightful


It's time to go now - Padstow Farewell


It’s a damn tough life full of toil and strife - Old Maui


Keep your land you gentry of England, France and Spain - Broadside


Kind friends and companions come join me in rhyme - Health to the Company


Let me tell you, my friends, of a woman named Jeanne / Ecoutez braves gens les aventures de Jeanne - Jeanne de Clisson (la belle dame sans merci)


Lift him up and carry him along - Fire Marengo


Louis was the king of France - Haul Away Joe


Methinks I see a host of craft - Three Score And Ten


Now in sailor’s clothes Granuaile did go - Grace O'Malley


Now we are ready to head for the horn, - Rollickin' Randy Dandy O


Oh my name is De Clisson, no sailor am I - Paint my sails red (Docks Shanty)


Oh the southern ocean is a lonely place - Mollymauk


Oh the whale is free of the boundless sea - The King of the Southern Sea


Oh wild and furious blew the blast - Wreck of the Dandenong


Oh, the smartest packet you can find, - Let the Bulgine Run


Oh, the year was 1778 - Barrett's Privateers


Once there was a barge lad - Barge Ballad


Our anchor's aweigh and our sails are set - Bold Riley


Our boots and clothes is all in pawn - Blood Red Roses


Our captain cried all hands we sail tomorrow - Our captain cried all hands / Fountains Flowing


Our ship is a-sailing out over the Bar - Rio Grande


Pour retrouver ma douce amie - Pique la Baleine


Safe and sound at home again - Don't forget your old shipmate


Sally is the girl that I love dearly - Bully In the Alley


Some’s loading at 'frisco with cargoes of grain - Towrope Girls


Stormy’s gone that good old man - Stormalong John


Sunset and evening star - Crossing the Bar


Sweet ladies of Plymouth, we’re saying goodbye - Sweet Ladies of Plymouth


That day there was a great demand for sailors - Paddy lay back


The boats are sailing round the bay - Bye-bye my Roseanna


The Diamond is a ship, my lads - The Bonnie Ship the Diamond


The herring is the king of the sea - Herring's Head


There was a fair maid and she lived all alone - Maid on the Shore


There was a ship that put to sea - Soon may the Wellerman come


There were two lofty ships from old England came - High Barbary


They call me hanging Johnny - Hanging Johnny


They came in the night and their ships were as black as the ocean - The Shores of Hispaniola


They say, old man, your horse will die - Poor Old Horse


To Cuba’s coast we’re bound me boys - Running Down To Cuba


Tommy’s gone, and I’ll Go too - Tom's Gone To Hilo


We all got drunk in Dublin city - Fall Down Billy O'Shea


We come on the sloop John B - The Sloop John B


We think she stole Black Caesar's rig - The Ballad of Anne Bonny


Well me father often told me when I was just a lad - Last Shanty


Well met, well met, my own true love, well met, well met," cried he - Demon Lover / The House Carpenter


Westward from the Davis Strait 'tis there 'twas said to lie - The Northwest Passage


What care we though, white the Minch is? - Mingulay Boat Song


What shall we do with the Patriarchy? - What shall we do with the Patriarchy?


When first I landed in Liverpool, I went upon a spree - Go To Sea No More


When I was a fair maid about seventeen - When I was a fair maid / Run the Riggin' Again


When I was just a young man - This Dreadful Life


When the Alabama's keel was laid - Roll Alabama, Roll


When the boats all get to sailing and the men are off and gone - Twiddles


Where are my boots, my nogging, nogging boots - All For Me Grog


Where are you goin’ my Billy-O? - Jutland


Young Susan was a blooming maid, so valiant, true and bold - Young Susan on Board of a Man-of-War