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Songs by Chorus

'way down Rio - Rio Grande


Ah, for just one time I would take the Northwest Passage - The Northwest Passage


Alive alive-o, alive alive-o, Crying cockles and mussels alive alive-o - Molly Malone (cockless with muscles)


And I dream of you, I dream of sleep - Wreck of the Dandenong


And it's a heave! ho! hi! ho! Comin' down the plains - The Last Bristolian Pirate


And it's all for me grog, me jolly, jolly grog - All For Me Grog


And it's one more day on the Grey Funnel Line - Grey Funnel Line


And it's row me bully boys... - Row me bully boys row


And it's row, row bullies row, - Row, bullies, row (Liverpool judies)


And it's twiddly-i dee-i dee-i, twiddly-i dee-ay - Twiddles


And it’s three score and ten - Three Score And Ten


And she pulled away o’er the rolling seas, over the waters blue - Grace Darling


And the larks they sang melodious - Pleasant and Delightful


And we'll roll the old chariot along - Roll The Old Chariot Along (Nelson's Blood)


Away down Hilo, Tom’s gone to Hilo - Tom's Gone To Hilo


Away, boys, away! - Hanging Johnny


Away, haul away, we’ll haul away Joe - Haul Away Joe


Blow high, blow low and so sail we - High Barbary


Blow the man down to me, blow the man down - Blow The Man Down


Broadside to broadside, two captains collide - Broadside


Buddy ta-na-na, we are somebody, oh - Essequibo River


But I longed for the sea - Salt Liberty - The Ballad of Mary Lacy


Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye - Bye-bye my Roseanna


Don’t haul on the rope, don’t climb up the mast - Last Shanty


Fall down, fall down, fall down me Billy - Fall Down Billy O'Shea


Fire Marengo, fire away! - Fire Marengo


For it's cheer up my lads - The Bonnie Ship the Diamond


Go down, you blood red roses, go down! - Blood Red Roses


God damn them all! - Barrett's Privateers


Goodbye my sweetheart, goodbye my darling - Bold Riley


Goodbye Serafina, Rosita and Luz - Towrope Girls


Heave away, haul away - South Australia


Here's a health to the company - Health to the Company


Hill-yo-ho, boys! Let her go, boys! - Mingulay Boat Song


Hoist up the John B’s sails - The Sloop John B


Hooray and up she rises - What shall we do with the Patriarchy?


I have sailed across the ocean - This Dreadful Life


John the slacker, slacker (was kanaka) - John the Slacker, Slacker


Leave her, Johnny, leave her - Leave her Johnny


Long we've tossed on the rolling main - Don't forget your old shipmate


Lowlands, lowlands away my John - Lowlands


My little fish slip off your skin - Fragile Water


My sailor boy, I wish you sweet sleep - The Mariner's Dream


No more, no more, I’ll go to sea no more - Go To Sea No More


Oh poor old man - Poor Old Horse


Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you - Shenandoah


Oh the ocean waves do roll - Mermaid


Oh the rare old whale - The King of the Southern Sea


Oh, we're loaded down with bales so high - Barge Ballad


One more day! - One More Day


Paddy lay back, take in your slack - Paddy lay back


Pay me, Oh pay me - Pay Me My Money Down


Pique la Baleine - Pique la Baleine


Ranzo you'll rue the day - Wild Goose Shanty


Ro-o-o-oll down! - Sweet Ladies of Plymouth


Roll, Alabama, roll - Roll Alabama, Roll


Rolling down to old Maui, me boys - Old Maui


Row on, row on another day - Row on, row on


Sam’s gone away, aboard a Man O’War - Sam's Gone Away


She'll steal the pennies off your eyes - The Ballad of Anne Bonny


Singing chip cho, cherry cho - Ben Backstay


So fare thee well, my own true love - Leaving of Liverpool


So help me Bob, I’m bully in the alley - Bully In the Alley


So I'll paint my sails red, and I'll sail out to sea - Paint my sails red (Docks Shanty)


So take off your dungaree jacket, and give yourselves a rest - Paddy West


Soon may the Wellerman come - Soon may the Wellerman come


Strike the bell, Second Mate - Strike The Bell


The herring is the king of the sea - Herring's Head


The music so grand, the music so grand - When I was a fair maid / Run the Riggin' Again


Timme Hey, Rig-a-jig, and a jaunting run! - Let the Bulgine Run


To me way hey, you Stormy - General Taylor


To me way-aye-aye, hurray-ah - Black Ball Line


To me way, hey, hey, oh - Noah's Ark Shanty


Up aloft when the stormy winds blow - Flora and James


Way, me boys, for Cuba - Running Down To Cuba


Way, stormalong, John! - Stormalong John


We say "yo, ho!" but we don't say "ho" - Pirate Chantey (Key and Peele)


We’ll rant and we’ll roar like true British sailors - Spanish Ladies


Weigh, hey, roll an’ go! - Rollickin' Randy Dandy O


When I put out to sea - Crossing the Bar


Windy old weather, stormy old weather. - Windy Old Weather


With a big bow wow, tow row row - Boston Harbour


With sails red as blood, aboard her black ships three - Jeanne de Clisson (la belle dame sans merci)


Won’t you ride the wind and go, white seabird - Mollymauk