66 - Rio Grande

Words by Traditional
Tune by Traditional

Our ship is a-sailing out over the Bar
'way down Rio
We’re pointing her bow to the Southern Star
And we’re bound for the Rio Grande

Then away, boys, away
'way down Rio
So fare thee well, my Bonny young girl
We’re bound for the Rio Grande

Say was you ever down Rio Grande?
It’s there that the river flows down golden sand!

It’s pack up your donkeys an’ get underway,
Them Judies we’re leaving will draw half our pay

We’ve a bully good ship & a bully good crew,
A bully good mate and a good skipper too

Cheer up, Mary Ellen, and don’t look so glum,
On white-stocking day you’ll be drinking hot rum

So lift up your glasses and sing fare thee well
There’s a bonny young lass there to love you so well