77 - Rollickin' Randy Dandy O

Words by Traditional
Tune by Traditional

Now we are ready to head for the horn,
Weigh, hey, roll an’ go!
Our boots an’ our clothes boys are all in the pawn,
To me rollickin’ Randy Dandy O!

Heave a pawl, oh, heave away,
Weigh, hey, roll and go!
The anchor’s on board an’ the cable’s all stored,
To me rollickin’ Randy Dandy O!

Man the stout caps’n and heave with a will,
For soon we’ll be drivin’ her 'way up the hill.

Heave away, bullies, ye parish-rigged bums,
Take yer hands from yer pockets and don’t suck yer thumbs.

We’re outward bound for Vallipo bay,
Get crackin’, me lads, it’s a hell of a way!