- Row on, row on

Words by Traditional
Tune by Tim Laycock

These words were found in the log book of The Three Brothers, a whaling ship from Nantucket working in the North Atlantic in 1846.

Dark clouds are on the summer sky,
There’s thunder in the wind.
Row on, row on and homeward hie,
Nae give one look behind.

Row on, row on, another day
May shine with brighter light.
Ply, ply the oars and haul away,
There’s dawn beyond the night.

Bear where thou goest these words of love,
Say all that words can say.
Changeless affection strength may prove,
But speed upon the way.

Like yonder river would I glide
To where my love would be,
My barque would soon outsail the tide
That flows towards the sea.

Row on, row on, God speed the way,
Thou canst not tarry here.
Clouds gather round the closing day,
Tomorrow may be clear.